Why do kids love Minecraft, and how does it benefit them?

In a continually changing world where virtually all we do is tending towards technology, the best we can do is prepare ourselves (especially our younger ones) for the inevitable technological era — which is already living.

One aspect of technology that has gained much popularity and has become relevant in our everyday life is computer programming or coding — if you want sound techie.

There is a bit of coding in every electronics and gadget —Television, phones, toys, computers, and robots. All of these gadgets depend on coding or a set of computer programs to work.

Kids and Minecraft

If you are like me - then you know what I am getting at. Perhaps one of the activities children gravitate towards easily, games have won many children's hearts — and a good number of adults are not left out. Yeah, you know yourself.

Since we are preparing the younger ones for better future opportunities, how about getting them started early and letting them master crafts as they grow? Great idea, right?

Thankfully, there is a fun way to get them started on coding, and it's not far-fetched — Minecraft!

You had probably heard of Minecraft, and you are probably wondering how does it benefit kids? I'd that's your thought, look no farther because we have got the answer to your question.

Read on and find out more!

How Does Minecraft Benefit Kids?

Contrary to the misconceptions that Minecraft is just like any other game people play, Minecraft has many benefits, especially to children who fancy technology and coding.

Let's look at some benefits of Minecraft

Other benefits include:

· Improving problem-solving skills

· Spatial reasoning

· Developing survival strategies

· Creativity

· Social skills like communication, and of course,

· Career skills

Speaking of "Career skills," let us look at some workplace skills children can develop from playing Minecraft.


Of course! This is the point we have are trying to drive home all along. Besides familiarizing with computer hardware and functions, Minecraft also opens a window into computer programming or coding.

Kids can gradually transition into website and app development from manipulating visual blocks to writing strings of codes.

Systems Administration

Playing Minecraft also involves hosting Minecraft servers and providing support to other players — which is a relevant skill in systems management and administration.

Minecraft also allows players to share and promote their server with friends and online gaming community — Marketing.

Hopefully, you have seen that there is more than meet the eyes on Minecraft's than just "playing games." When next your kids ask if they can play Minecraft, you shouldn't just say yes; you should also join them and learn with them. Isn't it amazing how kids can play and learn at the same time?

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