Reasons Why We Should Teach Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Kids

Technology has significantly impacted the world today, and it has tendencies to influence our future. Already we have Alexa, Siri, and many other humanoids in our homes and offices — some even work in hospitals.

Considering technological trends and the pace at which it's revolutionizing virtually every aspect of our lives, wouldn't it be best to get our youngsters equipped with the knowledge and skills they will need to advance the course of technology and inventions?

That would be great, right? However, we must first start by teaching our young ones about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) — which are essential aspects of computer science that drive modern technology.

Before we share reasons why you should teach AI and ML to kids, let's start by defining artificial intelligence and machine learning — to serve as a foundation for our discussion.

Okay, let's dive in!

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

If you have read our earlier posts on artificial intelligence and machine learning, then you would already have an idea of what AI and ML entail.

But since you're here, we will let you in and bring you up to speed.

You might have heard that machines can be made to do incredible things like humans — they can learn new things and make decisions independently. Well, that's not far from the truth. The process of learning from data and making decisions based on information (or data) provided by humans translates into artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What Controls Machine Learning?

As much as machines can be made to think independently and make decisions without human interference, smart systems still depend on human input called computer programs. Computer programs help them to recognize patterns and compare data. Thus, allowing them to make decisions.

Let's look at reasons why we should teach machine learning to kids

· It Exposes Kids to Computer Programming

Even though computer programming relies on typing codes, there are easy and fun teaching methods for kids, making artificial intelligence and machine learning easy to grasp.

For educational purposes, computer programs have been enabled to accommodate visual blocks — think of visual blocks as pre-written codes that save you the frustration of misspelling and mistyping codes.

With visual blocks' aid, kids can drag and drop codes into their scripts and see the effect in real-time, making coding both fun and educational.

· Boost Educational Skills

Like we mentioned earlier, machine learning and artificial intelligence require coding skills to write programs. Interestingly, coding requires knowledge of spelling, writing, and mathematics to execute.

Guess what?

Coding can get kids to pay more attention to their academics and get involved in school works without knowing.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Works Well with Gaming

At one point or the other, virtually every kid becomes engrossed in games. This also another fun way of learning and educational games are becoming popular.

Since AI and ML can be integrated into games, kids can seize the opportunity to fine-tune their knowledge of coding and AI machine learning.

Ultimately, teaching ML and AI to kids increases their mental capabilities and prepares them for great opportunities in the emerging AI and automation — with a better shot at being the master of their craft.

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