Can Minecraft Teach Kids How to Code?

Playing Minecraft gives you the thrill of creating new objects and characters in the game. You can build your fantasy castle or equip your favorite fighter with new weapons and powers. Minecraft allows players to interact with a community of other Minecraft players. Thereby allowing you to share ideas with friends and do contests.

There are many exciting things to do with Minecraft, and you are sure going to have fun while you are at it.

How Does Minecraft Teach Coding?

Minecraft uses a coding language called Java. Java may be hard to learn for some, but opens a lot of doors for kids who are interested in software programming. Some, though, may lack motivation to want to code, as it might be to tedious and boring. Here is where Minecraft comes in. Minecraft is one of the most popular games, and allows imagination to run free. Minecraft is also a fun way to learn Java. There are many programs that allow you to make "mods" for Minecraft, which are custom addons to the game that you can code yourself! There are also many tutorials of how to make a Minecraft mod. Making a mod is very fun, as you can make whatever you want and implement it into the game of Minecraft.

How Easy Is It for Kids to Understand Minecraft Coding?

Usually, coding involves writing strings of words and numbers to form codes needed to execute a command. Writing codes can be time-consuming and daunting for kids who are barely getting their hands-on coding.

Thoughtfully, Minecraft allows starters to use visual blocks to make coding accessible.

What Are Visual Blocks?

You can think of visual blocks as sets of prewritten codes that you have you can drag and drop into your script — so you don't have to worry about misspelling or mistyping your codes.

That's not all. There is more!

Using the visual blocks in Minecraft takes you from writing short codes to longer ones as you progress in the game and gain confidence in your coding skills.

Minecraft also lets you see your input results in real-time, unlike other games that repeatedly go off and on to load new lines of codes — remember both modding (enhancing game elements and characters) and playing the game happens simultaneously. So, you get to juggle between coding and gaming, and that's fun!

What Coding Language Does Minecraft Use?

Did we steal that question out of your mouth? We are not mind-readers, but this question gets asked often.

You would recall that there are many programming languages, and every one of them has its unique complexity and relevance.

Also, coding languages differ in their applications — some are best for building websites, while others are suited for apps, running machinery, managing finances, robotics, and lots more.

Minecraft uses Java programming language. Why? This is because Java offers more flexibility and is easy to use in conjunction with other languages. Thus, giving you an option of diversity and creating unique codes and programs.

Using gaming programs like Minecraft helps kids master the basics of coding and solids on that they have learned about programming — it also builds their interest in tech and makes it easy for them to secure a spot in the Tech industry.

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